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139,00 EUR*
Details Coil-Coating-European-Coatings-Tech-Files

The Mission of this new book is to know everything about coil coatings and how they can be used successfully. From the basic principle underlying the coil coatings process to substrate preparation, selection of raw materials, coil coatings line ...

266,85 EUR*
Details Thin-Film-Optical-Coatings-for-Effective-Solar-Energy-Utilization-Apcvd-Spectrally-Selective-Surfaces-and-Energy-Control-Coatings

Thin Film Optical Coatings for Effective Solar Energy Utilization Covers the subject of CVD thin film optical coatings for application in photothermal solar energy conversion. This book shows how the specific character of the materials research in the ...

14,02 EUR*
Details Kenko-LCD-Film-Canon-EOS60D-Anti-Reflection-coating-85398-Anti-Reflection-coating-Protects-the-LCD

Die Schichten bestehen aus: Anti-Fleck-Oberfläche zur Reduzierung von Fingerabdrücken, AR-Antireflexionsbeschichtung für eine bessere Darstellung bei Lichtverhältnissen wie Sonnenlicht, bei denen Reflexionen ein Problem für Flüssigkristallbildschirme ...

20,08 EUR*
Details Sealey-SG14-Underbody-Coating-Gun-Air-betrieben

Accepts most popular types of 1ltr coating tins

6,12 EUR*
Details 12mm-Diamant-Coating-Lochsge-fr-Glas-Keramik-2PCS

sourcing map 12 mm Diamant Coating Lochsäge für Glas Keramik 2 PCSBeschreibung: 12mm Diamant-Beschichtungsloch Säge für Glas-Hardware 2 PCS. Errichtet für überlegene Leistung und industrielles galvanisiertes. Premium Diamond Diamond Coating Glass Saw ...

25,16 EUR*
Details Elixir-11162-Acoustic-guitar-Saiten-12-Heavy-Nanoweb-Coating

Elixir 11162 80/20 Bronze Nanoweb Coating Acoustic Guitar Strings, 12-String Heavy, 13-56

100,20 EUR*
Details Active-Protective-Coatings-New-Generation-Coatings-for-Metals-Springer-Series-in-Materials-Science-Band-233

This book coversa broad range of materials science that has been brought to bear on providingsolutions to the challenges of developing self-healing and protective coatingsfor a range of metals. The book has a strong emphasis on ...

4,94 EUR*
Details Deco-Art-Americana-Klar-Kreidetafel-coating-8oz-andere-Mehrfarbig

DECO ART-Americana: Clear Chalkboard Coating. This matte varnish will transform everyday surfaces into a chalkboard. Use it on walls, doors, tabletops and more! This package contains one bottle of Clear Chalkboard Coating. Available in several sizes ...

139,00 EUR*
Details Film-Formation-in-Modern-Paint-Systems-European-Coatings-Tech-Files

The Mission: An understanding of film formation in its entirety from basic coating concepts to the physico-chemical aspects of how films are formed through to application of the ready-to-use coating. This approach obviates the need for prior academic ...

13,17 EUR*
Details Elixir-11650-Banjo-Saiten-5-Medium-Polyweb-Coating

.010 .012 .016 .023w .010 - Satz / Banjo 5-saitig Mit Schlinge (Loop end)Nickel umsponnen, mit stärkererPOLYWEB-BeschichtungPOLYWEB-Beschichtung (Coating) für eine 3-5x längere Haltbarkeit als bei herkömmlichen Saiten. Warmer Ton, optimales smoothes ...

15,80 EUR*
Details Elixir-11525-Mandolin-Saiten-Saiten-8-Medium-Acoustic-Nanoweb-Coating

Beschichtung für 3-5 mal längere Haltbarkeit als bei herkömmlichen Saiten. Warmer Ton, angenehmes Spielgefühl, reduzierte Griffgeräusche. Features:- Beschichtung: Polyweb Coating - Stärke: 011/015/026/040